This private money lender desperately needs to put his money into something safe, secure.... like your next HOT real estate deal. But he won't be looking hard for you. YOU must find and persuade HIM.

It's easy to raise money for deals from private lenders if you know how! But can YOU do it?

At Last!  Private Money Lenders Closely Guarded Secrets Revealed:

How To Get All The Money You'll Ever Need For Your Real Estate Deals From Private Lenders

....Without Ever Filling Out A Loan Application, Qualifying, Having Your Credit Pulled, Verifying Your Income or Employment

Hello there - friend of real estate investing!

Imagine you could pick up a phone, call a friendly private lender (one of several private money lenders you have) and get a check to close on a deal 2-3 days later.

Suppose you had a stable of these private lenders who could fund as much as $2,000,000 in hard cold cash to buy real estate with?

What Could You Accomplish In Your Marketplace?

I bet, when you try to apply this to yourself it probably sounds downright unbelievable. Amazingly enough it could become your reality... and much sooner than you think.

 Click  to hear my student.

Imagine for a second, YOU could get your hands on a couple of millions dollars of cold hard cash you don't need to apply and qualify for, nobody will ask where you work, how much money you make, how much money you have in your savings account, etc.

(Below you will play a testimonial from another student of mine who raised $2,000,000 from the very first private lender he met following my instructions).

Today's sluggish economy presents a wealth of opportunities to grab terrific bargains for profit-motivated real estate entrepreneurs.

There're many lucrative avenues you can pursue right now.

You Might:

    Try your hand at buying a property in pre-foreclosure (there're more of them today than have been in the past decade),

    Attempt to bid at the courthouse foreclosure auction,

    Figure out how to snatch government owned VA/FHA/HUD foreclosure home repos,

      Find bank REOs (real estate owned property, or repossessed properties)

      Look for distress fixer-upper property with rehab potential

      Buy an investment, rental or income producing property from owners who don't know how to or don't care to manage them anymore.

With 2 millions at your disposal - could you do some damage in your market place, find some good deals, offer sellers quick cash for their properties, bid at auctions, get to low cost pre-foreclosures, or government VA/HUD foreclosures, etc.?

Absolutely! You could run circles around your broke competitors investors.

But here's the real story you need to learn from...

Would Be Real Estate Millionaire -
Still Broke After 8 Years In Business!

A few days ago I bumped into Clayton M., a successful local real estate investor. I've known Clayton since the early 90s when he started attending our real estate investment club in Austin.

Over the years Clayton has developed an uncanny ability to find great bargains. In fact, it's rare when Clayton goes a month without finding a bargain or two at $40,000-$60,000 discounts - and he does it in the neighborhoods with price ranges of $60,000-$120,000.

Given his great margins and the time Clayton has been in the real estate game, you'd think he must be a millionaire by now. Well, he certainly could have and should have become one.

But he ain't!

Unfortunately, for all these years,  it has NOT been Clayton  himself, but someone else who profited from his deals.

You see, Clayton never had the financial resources (the cash) to actually buy any of these homes. So, for years and years he had to settle for small finders fees he got from the cash rich investors who were buying up everything Clayton could find.

These guys were making $20,000-$40,000 a pop off of Clayton's deals, while he was just making enough to pay his bills.

When I bumped into Clayton a few days ago, I asked him how he was doing. I was delighted to hear - he was finally buying his 1st deal in his own name. He found a $105,000 home. He negotiated to buy it for $50,000 - and this time, for the first time in 8 years or so - he was coming up with the money.

This time it'll be Clayton cashing the BIG check, not someone else.

What brought this change about, you might be wondering?

Well, just a few months earlier Clayton broke down and got my 'Private Lenders' audio set. Using just one idea from the tapes he found his private lender and the money to put together this deal.

The really sad part is - this lender has always been available to him - he's a family member.  This person didn't have the money, but the tapes taught Clayton how to use this person's other assets to raise the cash for the deal.

The cash investors will now have to look for someone else to find them great bargains. Clayton is out of that game - for the rest of his life.


Here's Why You Might Want To Hear What I Have To Say About Making Money With Real Estate

My name is Alex Gurevich. I'm a publisher of Real Estate Magic, the online newsletter for investors read by over 13,000+ subscribers in the US, but also all over the world, as far as Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Australia and S. Africa.

The newsletter helped a lot of them to make fast steps towards success in their quest for becoming financially independent through real estate investing.

Here's What My Subscribers Are Saying...

"Alex's newsletter has been a God send to me. I use his contracts and techniques in my lease/options. I was able to find many private lenders to help fund my offers and get them accepted. This enabled me to make more offers that previously I had to pass on due to lack of funds. Also, I was able to pull some cash out of existing deals. Now I am following up Alex's lead to make money on the internet so that I have multiple income streams. I am always eager to get correspondence from Alex, he has one of the most creative minds that I know. I can't say enough about how he has helped me. Don't be skeptical, believe what he says."
- Peter Rzepka Las Vegas, Nevada

"Alex, thanks a million for this e-zine. The august one came at just the right time for me. Two years ago, when I first got into this business, I lease/optioned a house for $139,000 and then lease/optioned it out to a tenant/buyer for $165,000. Now they were ready with financing and I was feeling unsure about the details of how to get a simultaneous closing done. I took a copy of you e-zine to my closing agent and everything went like clockwork. My first one. Thanks again."
- Earl Pomeroy, Lowell, MI

"Alex,I have found the information in your newsletter worth sinking my teeth into. You tell your readers how to implement your money making ideas. Many other newsletters I have read give a brief overview and leave you wondering how to implement. Keep up the good work!"
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"Hi Alex, Gail and I have been learning  of a lotnew techniques from your newsletter and all the links are amazing . They have really given us a boost to our portfolio and our Real Estate Education. Thanks."
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"The Real Estate Magic E-Zine is a weekly motivator prompting me to new successes using basic and advanced approaches for the local market. Every issue is a mini-seminar .... for free!"
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But this message isn't about my publication. It's about...

How You Can Get Your Hands On More Money You Can Ever Use For Buying Real Estate

With regard to that, what's important for you to know about me - I've been buying real estate bargains for over 13 years, using cash from well to do private individuals whom I recruited to fund my real estate deals.

I was getting checks for my deals from these private parties - many checks, like these, for instance:




Once I figured out where and how to get the money - things were happening for me

  • Sellers started accepting my offers - because I offered them cash

  • I was snatching pre-foreclosures before the auctions because I had cash to make up back payments

  • I was buying homes at foreclosure auctions

  • I was bidding on government repo homes

  • I was buying homes from banks for cash

In fact, these deals were putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in my bank account.

Look at this week, for example, when I put $143,000 in cash in my pocket and also got a $20,000 note with $200/month payments from one of the buyers. Click Here to see the checks.

Then I Started Sharing What I Was Doing To Raise The Money With Others Who Wanted To Know

Other investors started using my ideas to get money for their real estate projects and got the same results. To tell you the truth, after 11 years in the trenches - it’s hard to surprise me. Yet sometimes even I’m amazed at what people were able to do with the knowledge they got from me!

An Investor From Las Vegas, NV Used These Concepts To Get A Backer With $2,000,000 - In Less Than 30 Days!

Peter Rzepka from Las Vegas, NV applied just one of many strategies for locating private lenders I shared with him. In less than 30 days he was reporting back his results:

"Hi Alex,

I just had lunch with a private lender that will loan me money as second mortgages on my properties that I bought using subject-to technique. Also he will pay me $5,000 to handle any deal that I would partner with him and he supplies all the funds.

He has 2 million in T-bills that he is getting only 2%, so loaning to me at 12-14% or partnering looks really good to him. I found him from a newspaper ad that your tapes inspired me to run.

…I used the Presentation Package from your course with modifications to fit my situation... I can't believe this! It is too good to be true. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Peter Rzepka, Las Vegas, NV

You can't help it but see, he just couldn't hide his excitement. Peter found a man who could put up money for most of his deals for the next few years. Peter can also create a nice upfront cash flow of $5,000 a pop - each time he finds another deal and splits the profits with his money-man.

It's a pretty nice set up - to get paid  for  finding  good deals  plus  have a back-end profit when the property sells.

Will You Need Money To Buy Real Estate?

Some of the real estate television gurus claim you can buy real estate without money - and in some cases you may be able to do just that. I do it too, occasionally.

But you'll be extremely limited in your selection and buying options, if all you know is try to come up with the "nothing down"solution for the sellers where they receive no money, only some paperwork with your promises of payments in the future.

If fact, while with some individual home owners the creative financing strategies might work - there's absolutely no way in the world you can count on the government offices, such as HUD and VA, or banks' REO departments to accept some kind of funny terms from you.

What about courthouse foreclosure auctions? Will the attorneys representing the lenders at those auctions finance the sale? Not a chance in the world!

Let's be very clear about it - they ALL want CASH! They simply won't settle for anything else.

Buying homes with cash from motivated home sellers could be extremely lucrative

You probably heard other investors brag about how they found a super-bargain fixer-upper property they bought at a dramatic 50% discount of its market value because the seller was very motivated.

It happens, and more often that you think.

Do you think a home seller who’s willing to let the property go for that cheap will be receptive to a "no money down"deal? Of course, not! The reason he discounted his property is because he must have the cash now. If you can't deliver the money quickly - you ain't buying it from him.

Let's use a common sense example. Imagine you and I are standing in front of a home seller trying to buy his house. The seller of this $100,000 home is motivated and is willing to take $40,000 less for his home than the market value of the property.

You're trying to convince him to agree to take no money now, accept some funny terms that he is having problems to understand, plus it may have negative impact on his credit, and there's a risk you may not pay him as promised. He'll have to pay attorneys to go after you and try to get his money.

In his mind this way of selling you propose to him - is a potential mess he’ll have to worry about for a long time.

I, on the other hand, simply open my wallet, reach in there and smack some cash on the table in front of the seller.

Realistically, whose offer do you think that seller will take? I think you know the answer.

Trying to make real estate deals work where sellers get no money at closing is like pulling teeth

Why? Think about it. Home sellers are real people with real needs. They're selling their home because they might be:

  • Buying another home locally,

  • Being transferred to another area, and will need to buy a home there,

  • Having financial difficulties and need money from the sale of the home to pay their debts,

  • Behind in mortgage payments and need money to reinstate the loan and save their credit,

  • Starting a business and trying to raise the money from the sale of the home

There may be many reasons for them to sell their home. Do you see a common thread here? They need money from the proceeds of sale for some other purpose.

You can try to make those "no money down" offers to them - you just won't get any accepted. Because if they can't get any money, they won't be able to do what they're trying to. There simply won't be a reason for them to do a deal with you.

Click here to read a real life case study about buying a home from a motivated seller.

So what are YOUR chances of getting some of these great deals available in your marketplace today?

Well, if you have a good credit, verifiable income, stable employment history - you might be able to qualify for a loan and complete your purchase.

What about the down payment funds?

Even with the good credit, you'll need to come up with 10%-20% down payment for every investment purchase you make. If you are limited on funds, you may not be able to raise enough money to buy your first deal, or your next deal.

Even if you have deep pockets, if you keep on buying properties, at some point you'll run out of money for down payment. Or the banks will start telling you - you are overextended. They have the money, so they set the rules.

What if you can't qualify for a bank loan and/or have no cash down payment?

Tough luck, you'll be missing out on all those great buying opportunities...

... UNLESS you discover the UNTAPPED sources of UNLIMITED CASH available for all your real estate deals.

You might be wondering where all that money is coming from, since you may not have any

The secret is - the money your sellers get will not be coming from you, but from someone else. This is the kind of money you WON'T have to qualify for and it's available in great abundance. In fact, there is more of it than you can ever put to good use.

Here's a line that helps me make very nice living in real estate: "you can make incomparably more deals and rake in much more money, if you are loaded with (someone else's) cash".

If you want to have a successful career as serious real estate entrepreneur one of the main real goals of your business should be to continuously increase and improve your ability to get money to finance your purchases.

You can dramatically change your business by learning how to attract private individuals with loads of money
who'll stand in your wings and make that cash available to you….. often on a 2-3 days notice.

When I say "private money" I'm not talking about so-called "hard money loans" arranged through a broker. There are all kinds of sticky issues you'll have to deal with and extra costs you'll incur whenever you're getting your money through a middleman. I'm talking about getting the funds directly from the people who have them.

Private Lenders Flush With Cash Are Your Solution

Well, the good news is - that cash could be as close as you telephone. You'll pick up the handset, dial one of your private lenders and pick up a check …. the following week or even sooner.

Earlier I showed you the examples of some of the checks I got recently: $30,000 check, $26,000 check and $30,000 - total of $86,000.

Let’s say you won’t get as lucky as Peter Rzepka from Las Vegas, whose very 1st private lender contact turned out to be a multimillionaire with $2,000,000 of funds available for buying real estate.

Suppose you only got that $86,000 in cash to work with.

What could YOU do with $86,000 in cash from private lenders in your hands available for buying homes?

If you don’t know squat about creative financing, you might decide to spend it all on one home. Well, that’s not wise - to plunk all your capital into one deal.

If your credit is good, you might decide to use this money as down payment for several projects and get conventional bank loans for the rest. You can probably stretch that $86,000 to buy 4-5 homes or so.

But if you knew a few things about creative financing you could put this $86,000 to a really good use. Suppose you spend $10,000 a piece buying 8 homes with owner financing or by taking over payments on the existing loan.

You'd still have $6,000 to cover misc. expenses, payments, etc. Suppose you got them each at $20,000 below market. That would create a potential profit of $160,000.

What if you negotiate a little harder and average $30,000 below market? Then you'll be looking at a gross profit of $240,000 - almost a quarter million bucks!

But let's now discuss private lenders - our money sources for that $86,000.  (By the way, with proper knowledge and persistence, you should be able to raise much larger amounts for your deals.)

So, What Are They, Private Lenders?

Simply put, these are individuals with money interested in investing them at a good rate of return and with reasonable safety. With carefully selected projects you are in the position to offer them just that!

It may seem like private lenders are hard to find. It's simply not so.

Don't think there's no money available.

There is money everywhere around you, sometimes where you don't even expect them to be… but more on this later. Having several private lenders in your wings with whom you built strong relationships could provide an easy solution to most of your ongoing cash needs.

Once you've built a track record of payments on not just one, but several of these type of loans you'll be able to accomplish things other investors will never even dream of doing.

When a private lender starts trusting you with your ability to select right projects with safe margins for him and make timely payments - just the way he wants it - you'll be able to do pretty amazing transactions.

You'll be able to pick up $10-15,000 checks at closing on your purchases. This way on the day you closed the purchase of the house you already have cash readily available to cover business expenses and pay yourself.


You'll be able to take these lenders to the "all cash" foreclosure auctions and bid with confidence because they're standing by, ready to back you up with funds on hand.


You'll be able to tap into your equities and convert some of them into nice $20,000 - $30,000 checks without having to wait for the sale of the property.


You'll write yourself a check like that and take a vacation in Tahiti, or spend money on those frivolous things our accountants say we shouldn't buy.


Your private lenders' friends will be calling you and asking to invest their money through your program.

With Private Lenders' Money You Can Get Cash
Back At Closing, When You Buy Homes!

Have you ever stumbled upon a bargain purchase of a house in pre-foreclosure? (If you haven't - you haven't been looking hard enough, as current slow economy is responsible for more homes going into foreclosures right now than we had in years).

The sellers are willing to transfer the ownership of the home to you… if only you can come up with $8,000 to cover back payments, stop foreclosure, reinstate the loan and save their credit. Do you like the idea of getting cash back at closing when you BUY (not sell) the house? You can do it as often as you like.

Assuming you're buying that house in pre-foreclosure cheap enough, you can take over payments on the existing loan, get a second mortgage loan from a private lender for $15,000. From that $15,000 you will pay the sellers their $8,000, cover all closing costs and still pocket $6,000 left over. All of that can be arranged right at the closing table.

Now you can use this $6,000 to fix the place up, or cover a couple of months of mortgage payments and/or even take a nice little vacation in Cancun with what's left.

Even With Small Sums of Readily Available Cash
You Can Make Profits Hand Over Fist

The "wanna be" investors who don't know how to raise money have to settle for small change in profits. You see, in order to get into these homes, they'll have to look for over financed properties that have no equity and small profit potential.

Think about it. If you were trying to take over payments on a $100,000 value home that has a loan balance of $97,000 - there Ann's much meat on the bone. Yes, you can get this home without any money. But there won't be much profit to be made. You'll have to wait for several years until the home grows in value.

Now suppose you were buying a home of the same $100,000 value, except it had a loan balance of $60,000. Suppose the sellers were motivated to do a quick deal and only needed $10,000 in cash for their equity. You competition doesn't have the cash (they're busy looking for a needle in a haystack), but you do!

You would instantly create a $30,000 equity profit with the purchase like that. That makes all the difference in the world! The house doesn't have to be in a pre-foreclosure to have a great profit potential.

Example. I recently bought a house for $77,000 from a seller who just wanted a quick and easy sale. I later sold it for $127,000 on a lease/option plan, at a $50,000 profit. The key to this fairly profitable deal was $20,000 in cash I brought to the table (of course, I borrowed the money from a private lender).

With this money the seller was able to cover moving expenses, pay some old bills and debts and still have some spare cash in hand.

Would you give someone $20,000 in cash to get it back later and make $50,000 more in profit on top of that? A dumb question, isn't it? The sad truth is - as much as any investor would want to do this every month, very few actually can, even once or twice a year.

If, indeed, you can write that check, and then another one, and another one for similar deals - more power to you. You're in a good shape! What if you don't have the $8,000 or $20,000 and can't raise it quickly in any way? Tough luck. You have just missed out on potential $30,000 or even $50,000 profit!

It must be a bitter pill to swallow - to realize that a bargain deal just got away because you were cash poor. A deal that could pay all your bills for the next ½ year.

With Private Money You Can Participate
In All-Cash Foreclosure Auctions

As you might have heard, one of the most lucrative avenues in real estate investing is buying super-bargains at courthouse mortgage foreclosure auctions. It is also one that has the highest entrance barrier.

In most states of the US -- foreclosure auctions are All-Cash, i.e., if you are the winning bidder at the auction you must produce the entire amount of the purchase in certified funds (cashier's check) right there, at the courthouse steps minutes after the conclusion of the auction.

There're terrific bargains to be had at those auctions. I made a good number of very profitable purchases at foreclosures auctions throughout past 11 years. Some of them I immediately listed with Realtors and resold for handsome cash profits.

However, unfortunately these "all-cash" terms of the foreclosure auctions cut most of the beginners and even intermediates out of playing in the auction the game.

Even if you have a perfect credit and money for a down payment, you still CAN'T get a bank loan for bidding at foreclosures. Very few people can produce a large amount of cash on the spot necessary to complete the purchase right at the time of the auction.

So, this lucrative field is left to the very few players. Well, using private lenders funds you too can start competing in the foreclosure game.

It takes establishing a track record with your lenders, developing trust and educating them about these other opportunities. (See a testimonial below by Don Renfro from San Diego, CA).

Private Money Will Allow You To Buy
HUD/VA Government Repo Homes

As you probably know, nowadays HUD and VA offices only accept bids from those prospective purchasers who have obtained the pre-qualifying letters from the lenders. If you can’t get pre-qualified - you’re out of the chase for government repos.

Well, with private lenders’ money you’re covered. They’ll supply you with the pre-qualifying letter you can pass along to your real estate broker who facilitates your bids on HUD/VA foreclosures.

You Can Make More Deals And Profits By Using Private Money As Down Payment Funds With Commercial Banks' Loans And Credit Lines

Did you know, traditional financing sources, such as banks and mortgage companies, "penalize" investors for making great buys by forcing us to come up with a sizable down payment each time?

Common sense says, if you found a $200,000 house and negotiated to buy it for a bargain price of $120,000, a bank should easily be able to loan you the entire $120,000 on it. After all, it's only 60% of the value of the property and could be a very safe loan for them. We all know they make 80% or even 95% loans based on appraised value of homes - all day along.

With the $200,000 property securing their loan of only $120,000, they shouldn't be asking me and you to come up with a large (or any for that mater) down payment money. But no, they still want you to put 15-20% of your own money down, in hard cold cash.

Even if you had these $30,000 to spare on this terrific deal, once you spent it, you won't be able to use it for several months. And that's the least. If you decide not to resell the house immediately, but rent it instead, or offer owner financing or lease/option your house to buyers, you may not see your down payment money back for the next 2-3 years.

That's a lot of time to have a sizable amount of your precious capital locked up in a single home. If that was all you had - the next time another great deal falls into your lap you won't be able to take advantage of it. In fact, you won't be able to touch anything for the next 2-3 years until you get your money back from that investment property.

That'd be a really bad predicament for your business and your income. Of course, once you have your private lenders connection established - you'll always have the funds for a down payment on the next profitable deal.

Access To Private Money Will Allow You To Rent Your Homes Or Sell Them With Seller Financing or Lease/Option - And Still Be Able To Pay Yourself

Suppose you made a bargain purchase on a property and decided to rent it out for a while. Or you wanted to offer it for sale with owner financing or on a lease/option plan (a lot of investors do this to increase their profits and monthly cash flow).

Does it mean you can't get paid for 2-3 years until your buyers get a loan and cash you out?

No! With your private lender connection you'll never let it happen to you again. You see, if you haven't sold a house in 3-4 months, it doesn't mean you can't pay your business bills, or have to stop paying yourself. Using homes you bought that have good amounts of equity it's unlikely you'll ever be without money. You can always write yourself a nice check.

Private Money Will Allow You To Better
Handle Your Expense Accounts

If you already bought some homes, you probably noticed how quickly money seems to find its way out of your wallet while you go about your real estate business of buying, fixing, renting and selling homes? That's not an accident.

The real estate gurus say "money will be flowing to you". True, but not right away! When you buy homes first come expenses - then profits.

There are all kinds of expenses that come with the real estate business with demands on your spare cash. You see, there's a need for spendable cash in almost every transaction, … and outside of them too.

Suppose you did manage to negotiate a zero down owner financing purchase at low price. You'll still need some money right away.

  • There will be out of pocket closing costs on your purchase.

  • The money will be needed to cover the monthly payments on the house you just bought. Remember, while you're looking for a buyer or a tenant the home sits vacant and eats up your spare cash.

  • Perhaps you'll need to spend a few thousands to remodel a property a little bit to make it more attractive.

  • Or you'll need to come up with several hundred bucks for your advertising campaign.

  • There will be other miscellaneous ongoing operating expenses you'll have to deal with, like utilities, lawn care, legal and professional fees, HOA dues, supplies, etc.

Inexperienced "wanna be" investors enter the business unprepared for these realities. But you WILL BE prepared and have means to handle those expenses.

Bottom Line Is - You'll Need The Cash

Look, there may be different reasons why you will need the cash in your real estate business, be it operating expenses, bidding at foreclosure auctions, remodeling costs, or down payment money for new bargain purchases...

The more houses you buy the more you'll experience that need for cash. If you can't raise it - your business will stop or even suffer.

Would you like to put yourself in the position where YOU can write large checks to fund your new projects, bid on bargains at foreclosure auctions, cover unexpected business expenses, or just take the money and have fun with your family or friends?


Well, then you simply have to get my course on "The Insider's Secrets of Borrowing Millions From Private Lenders".


"The Private Lenders Secrets " Home Study Course.

"I have been impressed with Alex's stuff and have most recently been through his Private Lender's course. I use private lenders often and still learned a great deal from Alex and his approaches.

All of Alex's info is straight forward, hard hitting material. I really like the relationship building aspects of the Private Lenders course! I think its a big key to success and your ideas and thoughts on the relationships really helped me focus and build & nurture my lending relationships!"

- Don Renfro, San Diego, CA


Learn From The Expert

I realize you're probably quite skeptical when you hear me advising you to "borrow millions from private individuals". You'd be perfectly right to ask what qualifies me to teach you about doing business with private lenders.

Well, I am proud to say that over the last 11 years of buying and selling homes I've become an expert at the art and craft of using private money. I get private loans to put together new real estate deals, raise working capital for my business, manage cash flow crunches, or even cash out some of the equities I've accumulated in the properties.

I believe I've offered you plenty of proof before.

I don't have a precise figure, but I have used well over $1,500,000 in private money. And these funds didn't just come in $100,000 increments, although there were some like that.

Most of them were in the range of $12,000-20,000-$30,000. At the average pace of $10,000-$20,000 a pop, imagine a number of loans I had to obtain to cross that $1,500,000 figure.

In fact, at this very moment as I'm typing these lines I have somewhere between 15 to 20 of those loans active and going on different projects. So, when it comes to borrowing money from private parties - just trust me, I am the expert and have a lot of valuable information to share with you.

I distilled everything I learned over the years of doing business with private lenders, combined it with actual experiences and organized the information into an easy to follow and REPEAT format.

I also created many marketing and presentation samples ready for your immediate use when contacting prospective lenders and talking to them about your projects.

I even went as far as giving you the opportunity to get inside private lenders' mind (I'll tell you more about it later), so you can understand how they think and evaluate proposals from investors like you.

Make More Deals, Earn More Profits,
Create Your Dream Lifestyle

Studying my information on how to attract private money will allow you to:

  • Raise unlimited amount of capital

  • Be able to purchase a wide variety of deals, such as from pre-foreclosures, auction sales, divorces, probates, REO (bank owned properties), HUD and VA foreclosures, fixer-uppers, etc.

  • Increase your profit margins from pity change to real profits in tens of thousands of dollars on each transaction

  • Buy many more deals than you ever dreamed possible

  • Create a wonderful lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

Isn't it kind of obvious to you? With unlimited amount of private funds available for your deals - you'll buy more properties, get better profit margins, earns tens or even hundreds of thousands more.

What Could It Mean For Your Life Style?

Let's not get carried away here. I'm not going to pretend or fantasize you're going to buy extra 50 properties - just because you learned how to raise money from my course. But would it be fair to assume you could get just 3 extra deals a year with the money you'll be able to raise?

I think so. Take a pretty conservative figure of $25,000 per property in profit - and you'd be on your way to adding $75,000 to your income.

What could YOU do with extra $75,000 a year in income?

Well, you could:

Hand a resignation notice to your boss and switch to becoming a full-time gainfully unemployed entrepreneur (if you still work for somebody else)

Buy your dream home. (I can still smell the paint from the remodeling of our new executive 3,000 square feet home in the desirable area of town, as I'm typing these words and enjoying a view of the green hills through the window of my home office. By the way, I bought the house without any money, but had to borrow a good chunk of cash to remodel it to our taste - yes, you guessed it - from a private money lender.)

Put your kids through best private schools (my kids' school bill is about $25,000 a year, and they're not in college yet. I pay it with a smile and pride. You'll be able to afford the same or better for your kids)

Take a sabbatical to do something you like (For instance, I took a month off this past June, because of soccer World Cup. They were showing 3 games a day and I watched them all.)

Cruise the world on vacations (I've done it, got even a little tired of it, but still do it it every year .)

Share some of this money with your other family members who are less fortunate and need help. (You'll be in the position to offer them that little extra help.)

Teach a few friends how you've done it, so they too could enjoy better lifestyle (and be able to afford to hang out with you at those exotic places you'll be going.)

What would YOU like to do with the abundance of time and money you could create in your life using the knowledge of how to get private money for your real estate deals and rake in huge profits?

What ever it is, you'll need a little help on your way. And "Private Lenders…"course is just such a help.

Here's a Preview of What's In the Course

I packed this course with precisely the kind of information you must know to find the best candidates to become your private lenders, attract their attention, make them a proposal for financing they can't refuse and, of course, get the dough from them.

This brand new material has just been created to teach you:

  • 6 bad things that happen when you get hard money loans arranged by brokers, and why you always want to borrow money directly from private lender

  • Eight categories of people who can become your private lenders; why focusing on one of them will be critical to your success

  • Where and how to find private lenders and how to get their undivided attention

  • What is private lenders' inside prospective on investing their money in general, and in real estate loans specifically

  • How you can present your proposal for financing to them in a way that maximizes your chances for success

  • When you should NOT borrow money, even if it's offered to you

  • Several creative financing formulas with the use of private money loans to make you money fast.

How can YOU know I've done everything I could to make the process of getting money from private lenders simple and easy for you?

Well, the good news is, you won't have to be the Guinea Pig I'm testing this material on. You also won't have to take my word for it. There's a good number of other real estate investors who already purchased this material and profited from these concepts.

In fact, in the beginning of this page I offered you a testimonial from one of my student who used the information from this very course to get a financial backer with $2,000,000 in available funds - in less than 30 days after receiving these materials.

So, the information I use for my own real estate fundraising has been tested and proven to work as well for others.

Your Timing For Learning And Applying This Information Has Never Been Better

The time for you to posses this knowledge is absolutely perfect. Look around. Please pardon the expression, but at the time of this writing, (mid-2012), our current overall investment climate simply stinks.

  • The Money Market accounts are paying measly 1-2%.

  • The CDs are paying insulting 1-2% annually.

  • The stock market is in shambles and is volatile like it hasn't been in years. It's been going up and down almost every week causing chaos and losses to most of the small investors and making them completely disoriented. This roller coaster ride has been making small investors sick to their stomachs.

All of that creates a perfect backdrop for you to start contacting the prospects for becoming your private lenders. They're now totally desperate for safe, predictable, guaranteed returns. They may not even ask for as much as they used to when the markets were growing aggressively.

You'll be in the position to offer them all of that… as soon as you learn my secrets.

And Yes, There Are Inside Secrets To Getting Money From Private Lenders

You must understand how those private individuals think, what's important to them, how to present your request, how to come across as an established professional (even if you're not one yet). The worst thing you can do is to look as an amateur who doesn't know what (s)he is doing.

And if you've never asked for money, that's how it may easily come across the first few times around.

Ultimately I wanted you to have the best possible advantage you can have when talking to a prospective lender or making a presentation with the request for financing.

So, to  make it literally impossible for you to fail in your quest for money I added to the materials in the course these

Four (4) Dynamite Bonuses:

Bonus #1: My personal "Proposal For Financing" Package. I created and have used it with every new prospective private lender that appeared on my horizon. It comes in MS Word format, fully customizable. Simly fill in the blanks with the infomation about your own deal -- and hand it off to the lender ($500 value).

Just get it downloaded on your PC, plug in your name, address, property information for which you want to get financing, edit the loan amounts, interest rate, etc. - and you're ready to hand off your professionally looking Financing Proposal presentation to a prospective lender. A half of the battle could be won right there.

Bonus #2: Real Life Private Lenders Interviews. With the course I also included an additional audio CD containing very special recording of the conversations with 2 of my own private lenders ($199 value).

It took me a while to overcome their strong resistance, as these individuals wanted to keep their affairs private, for obvious reasons. But I finally managed to convince them to speak their mind freely.

On these tapes they reveal to you:

  • What motivates them to do business with real estate investors like you and me,

  • How they approach making these loans,

  • What information they want from you when you approach them with the proposal for a loan,

  • What criteria they use in making the decision whether to fund certain loan or not,

  • Where you could find people in your community who could become your private lenders...

Yet, when they share it with you in a personal conversation, you'll be amazed how important these investments are for them. You'll realize investing money safely and at a good rate of return for them isn't easy at all.

Once you hear their point of view, it'll become apparent to you there must be thousands of other people just like them, right where you live who must find ways to invest their money. And YOU could and should be one helping them to solve this problem.

Knowing in advance what the lenders are looking for, what concerns them, what makes them tick, will make your task of getting the money from them INCOMPARABLY SIMPLER AND EASIER.

Bonus #3: The 12 months subscription to Alex's Real Estate Magic e-zine (online newsletter) for real estate entrepreneurs - packed with great ideas and tips on modern money making techniques ($180 value).

By the way, this is a real value - I publish content articles in each issue. You've just read the raving testimonials from my subscribers above. This isn't a deal where you give somebody you e-mail address, and they flood you with junk e-mail.

Bonus #4: The Consulting Certificate for a 30 minutes 1 Hour personal consultation with Alex over the phone about raising money with private lenders ($500 value).

Bonus #5: I Spy Video CDs - this is Alex's highly acclaimed Videos set containing a screen-capture movie you can play on your Computer and watch Alex's every move while he was on a $2,000,000 hunt for existing proven private lenders in his market. (Please note, this Video will only play on Windows, not compatible with MACs). ($199 value).

Here's a memo from one of Alex's students.

2 Hours On Computer, 3 Lenders, $1,000,000...

"After watching your Video following the same exact steps I found 3 lenders who over a period of last 3 months loaned over $1,000,000 to investors, combined."

- Perry Baty, Dallas TX

Click Play button to hear Perry:

Does It Work?

I have hundreds of customers raising money from private individuals around the country. Lots of success stories. Here's what some of them emailed me:

Using the "Private Lenders" course, I've already found a family member that has about $20,000 that he has available for me to put a deal or two together.

I know it's not a lot, but it's a great start. I did a small postcard mailing (250 to start - I have a list of 1100) this week.

Hopefully that will give me some prospects after they receive a few postcards.

Using your "Supercharge Your Cash Flow" course, I'm getting an extra $300 on a Lease Option deal that I have.

If you can't tell, I'm really impressed with your courses so far! Thanks.

- Jamal Burress, Tucson, AZ


"I wanted to let you know that I have finished listening to your Private Lending tapes and have begun the process of pulling together my circle of influence for contact as well as researching the mailing lists of “affluent” people in my market.

You’ve compiled some great information and it will really serve me well. I’ve already had two people commit to a total of $100,000 just by using the terms “safe,” “predictable,” and “secure” with first and second mortgages tied to real estate.Oh Yeah, the 10% to 12% returns I promised kind of got their attention as well.

Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of Real Estate Education. I look forward to hearing from you."

-Tom Dalton, Dalton Financial Services.


"I recently purchased your "Inside Secrets of Borrowing Millions From Private Lenders" course. It is very, very good.I don't have a track record of real estate investing... in fact I'm just starting out..... and you have a very impressive presentation example in your course...."
- Mark Potter, Roseville, MI

"I have gone through alot of real estate courses in the past. I really learned alot from your course."
- Brett Clousing, Colorado


"Wow!!! What a great course you wrote!!! I'm very happy that I got it!!!"
-Ronnie Barras, Silverspring, MD


"Thank You !!! for all your info and insight. I had asked you what time it is and you tell me how the clock works (that's a compliment). You gave much more than I had expected. Again, Thanks !!"
-Bill Sellin, Thiensville, WI


OK, It Worked For Others,
But Will It Work For Me?

Yes, I understand, you might still have legitimate doubts whether this information will help YOU find the money for your deals and other business needs. You might be wondering, just what's involved in getting someone to say "yes" to your request for funding.

The answer is - you got to study the information and take action. Nothing happens until YOU apply. Wonderful things happen when you DO.

Remember Peter, the fellow who found a $2,000,000 backer?

 What did Peter have to do to succeed?

1. Pay the price to acquire the specialized knowledge (this course) that allowed him to shortcut years of someone else's experience,

2. Use the marketing tools and samples I included with the course, and

3. Take action (the most important part of the process)

He deserves every bit of credit for the success he experienced because he got to the Step 3.

It might be a surprise to you, but the private money well rarely ever runs dry. Today, after just a few months of putting these materials to use, Peter has already four (4) private lenders to fund his deals.

Is Peter's experience unique? Not at all. Here're some of the other memos I continuously receive form purchasers of the course:

Well, I'm confident, if you give this material a fair try and put some efforts into finding and attracting those private lenders - you will get results. Whether they will be similar to those Peter achieved or different -- I can't guarantee. But you will get some results if you persist.

Obviously, if you just listen to the tapes and do nothing - it WON'T work. If you are going to get this course only to throw it on the shelf where it will collect the dust, please do us both a favor and DON'T buy it.

However, if you will actually work on implementing some of the ideas I have for you in my material - I'm confident, you will get results. I'm so confident in it I'll give you this "you got everything to gain and nothing to lose" guarantee, just to make sure you give this material a try.

Alex's Risk FREE "Maybe" Trial Offer To Assure You Can Review This Package In Complete Confidence

Put ALL RISK on Alex!

Get Alex's "Private Lenders Secrets" System today and put it for a test for 30 days from the day of purchase. If you're unhappy for ANY REASON simply contact Alex and he'll provide you with the courteous, no questions asked, no hussle FULL REFUND upon return of your package in like-new resellable condition. (See our website's Return Policy for details.)

Yes, my guarantee is simple, no strings attached - no loopholes.

You don't even have to decide now. Simply get the course, review the information, try a few things our and see if you can get results. Then decide if it has merits.

All Right, What Will It Cost You?

The Best Option:
Our Gold PLUS Package
- it's the fullest, most complete version of the material recommended for the best results.

Here's What You Get With It:

The Hard Copy course reference Manual

Forms CD with customizable downloadable marketing samples to send to the prospects to recruit them to become your private lenders, in the fill in the blanks MS Word format

The Audio CDs Album of a Private Lenders presentation at a recent live seminar for your easy listening while driving a car or doing house chores  (attendees paid  up to $1,000 to be at the live event)

The Customizable downloadable Lender Presentation Package, in a fill in the blanks MS Word format  (Bonus #1, $500 value)

An Audio CD with Two (2) Bonus Audio Interviews of real private lenders (Bonus #2, $199 value)

I Spy Video CDs - this is Alex's highly acclaimed Videos set on finding several private lenders with the $2,700,000 track record of loaning to investors (Bonus #5, $199 value)

1 Certificate for  30 minutes 1 Hour of personal consultation with  Alex  about raising money  from private lenders (Bonus #4, $500 value)

Your Other (Expensive) Alternatives

#1. Get Money From Hard Money Brokers

Quite a few investors (including a lot of my newsletter subscribers) who DON'T know how to find private lenders - do business with hard money brokers. I recently received a phone call from a fellow investor who was buying fixer upper homes in Corpus Christi, TX and flipping them to other investors.

During 9 months preceding our conversation he bought and sold 8 homes in the $50,000 price range. He borrowed the funds from a known Texas hard money lender. He pays 14% plus 4 points ($2,000 in extra financing costs per deal) to get the money.

After his 8 deals he's made nice profit.... BUT he's also out a whooping $16,000 he spent on junk fees. That's a price he had to pay for ignorance. Had he invested in a course on private lenders - he'd never have to pay points again!

#2. Get Information On Private Lenders From Someone Else

Per my knowledge, there's only ONE other course, titled "Private Lending Made Easy" (from Alan Cowgil) that offers similar information for real estate investors. It's priced at $1,500. In fact, the same author also offers a seminar on Private Lending. The ticket to that event is $4,000.

I feel very strongly about my product. I also have a large number of success stories from customers who bought my course and raised various sums of money, from small $20,000-$100,000-$500,000 to MILLIONS of dollars.

Here's one of them:

If $1,500 is a going price for this type of information -- so be it. However, today happens to be your lucky day. You bumped right into my.....

Special Limited Time Offer

Act right NOW and get this entire Gold Plus Package at a mind-numbing discount -


....for ONLY $997!


That's your outrageously discounted price for the entire package.... BUT ONLY IF YOU GET IT NOW.

to reserve your copy of "Private Lenders Secrets" now and start raising money for all of your real estate deals.

Disclaimer: The examples and testimonials above represent exceptional results, not typical for an average user of the material. There's no guarantee you will experience the same results, raise or earn any money whatsoever using this material. Please read our full Disclaimer.

Look, it's really a TRUE BARGAIN, when you consider my competitor's price, the cost of doing business with hard money brokers and the fact, that the Bonuses alone have a combined value of about $1577. How can you go wrong?

With this material you'll master the art of finding private individuals with money and make their capital your secret weapon of success.

If you're still unsure whether you should get this not available anywhere else material, perhaps you should ask yourself...

What could it cost you NOT to have access
to these readily available funds?

What heavy toll does your well-being pay, or your health, or your family relationships when you're upset or even downright depressed and can't sleep at night because those bills are piling up, the monthly loan payments are overdue and you have no idea where the money is coming from to cover all of that.

How many profitable deals could you put together if, indeed, you could write as many as you need to of those $7,000-10,000 checks to homeowners in pre-foreclosure who are ready to get rid of their homes? Or larger checks, so you can bid on government homes, bank repos, foreclosure courthouse auctions?

That cost is too high!

Consider this example. I've just signed a contract on a $175,000 home in a desirable area of town. I am purchasing it for $117,000 by putting down $12,000 in cash and taking over payments on the existing FHA loan with the balance of $105,000. The down payment money is coming from a private lender.

What if I had no means of getting that $12,000? I'd pulling my hair out, because over $50,000 in potential profits would be lost. I worked very hard to make sure I do have the resources available to take advantage of every worthwhile opportunity that comes my way.

Now I'm committed to teaching you how to put yourself in the same position where YOU DON'T miss out on deals like this. Well, if you equip yourself with the knowledge from my course and put a consistent plan of actions together to start making contacts with those potential private lenders - you can expect to soon put all those worries behind you.

Best of real estate success,

Investor & publisher

P.S. Look, I realize it's a good bit of money to invest. I got to tell you something that'll put your mind at ease.

Hundreds and hundreds of real estate investors around the US got this course from me since it first came out. So far not a single person called or e-mailed me and complained "I've tried this and that of what you teach... this stuff doesn't work" - EVER!

What I teach does PRODUCE RESULTS!

So act now. Get you order going and put the cash you can raise with "The Private Lenders Secrets" system to work on your side and help you close more profitable deals.

With my unconditional guarantee, I don't see how I could have made it any easier for you to start profiting with "The Private Lenders Secrets".

To reserve your copy of "Private Lenders Secrets" system now and start raising money for all of your real estate deals

Disclaimer: The examples and testimonials above represent exceptional results, not typical for an average user of the material. There's no guarantee you will experience the same results, raise or earn any money whatsoever using this material. Please read our full Disclaimer.

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