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It's the fastest and easiest way to get in front of a private money lender eager to fund your deal. Other real estate investors have already done all the hard work... You get to benefit from their efforts and the relationships they built with their own private money lenders.

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Rick Bitterly Exclaimed:
" Prove It To Me! I Don't Believe It's Possible To Find A Private Money Lender For A Deal I Must Close In 5 Days "

By Alex Gurevich

Thursday, 2:05 PM
Austin, Texas

Hello Real Estate Dealmaker,

Your time is extremely valuable, so here's my promise to you about not wasting it:

What I'm about to share with you on this page is unique.

You can't find information on private money lenders like this anywhere else... because nobody else is offering to educate investors about it.

It is perfectly legal and ethical.

If you put this information to use, you'll probably be doing it alone -- that's how rare it is. This may sound a bit too strong, but in a moment I'll offer you a documented proof.

By the way, I'm sure you stumbled upon your fare share of questionable characters on the Internet. I've got a good number of years in the trenches. I've been at it since 1991. With a strategy I'm about to reveal you'll be able to find a private lender in your area in 60 minutes flat!

Click here for more info on me. While we're at it I'd like you to know - I don't hide behind a blind website. There's my phone, FAX, e-mail, even a physical street address (not a PO Box) at the bottom of this page. Feel free to get in touch if you want to check me out.

But enough about me. Let's move on to how I can help YOU to achieve your goals.

Have you ever been in a do or die situation?

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One where you had to produce or the consequences would make you feel pretty miserable... SAY, CLOSE FAST ON A SUPER-DUPER REAL ESTATE DEAL?

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to test myself along those lines in the area of finding private money lenders to fund real estate deals at blazing-fast speed. Here's how it came about.

The Angry Phone Call

I received a call from someone by the name Rick (I never met the guy; neither did I speak with him before). To say he was enraged was probably an understatement. He was absolutely MAD with me.

You know why?

He was on my website and just read through an advertisement for the Private Money Lenders Course on how to raise cash for real estate deals.

Specifically, my ad starts with a teaser, "What could you do in your marketplace with $2,000,000 in cash?"

Apparently my promise of $2,000,000 in funds from a private money lender to potential course purchasers really hit the nerve with Rick. He said, "to get suckers to buy my course" I was not only making exaggerated promises, but also making it sound way too easy, while it's practically impossible to accomplish.

In his view it was such an absurd claim that even if my own life or lives of my kids were dependent on it, I wouldn't be able to find private money lender - the individuals who could loan me this kind of dough… FAST!

Needless to say I was extremely annoyed. I've raised millions for my own real estate deals through private money loans. Here's a scan from my county's public records of one of these loans on a property (at 1501 Black Locust, Pflugerville, TX 78660) I bought several years ago.

(if the image is small - click on it; scroll down to see full page)

It's a $73,000 loan.

Who made the loan? Was it Countrywide, Ameriquest, Wells Fargo or some other conventional lender? No.

Was it a hard money loan company or a mortgage broker who sold the loan to someone else? No.

See highlighted in blue lenders names. Bob and Barbara were the private money lenders, as you can see. A private party.

Time-out For Skeptics

I often get emails from people who never heard about private lenders, i.e., private parties loaning money to real estate investors. A lot of these emails are negative to the point, they claim "private money lenders" are a figment of my imagination.

So I figure right now would be a good time to introduce you to one of them.

Here's "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" of raising private money loans for deals - straight from one of my own private money lenders. Play this short video clip. You'll gain some insights in raising private money the easy way.

Turn Up Your PC Speakers and Use Controls To Play The Video Below
(if you don't see the video player, you must enable Active-X controls, see
yellow browser warning message at the top of your screen)

This real life private money lender spills the beans on the kind of borrowers he accepts for loaning his money. Play it and you'll be shocked to discover how easily you could pass the bar.

Did you catch the key points?

No credit - OK.

No assets - OK.

Limited English - OK.

Legal or illegal resident - OK.

No your own money in the deal - OK!

Access to private money lenders allows the smartest and most successful investors to cash in on some great opportunities that come their way they would have missed out on otherwise.

I've been using these hidden sources since the early 90s.

I would have missed out on most of the deals if it weren't for the private individuals like this gentleman who loaned me literally millions of dollars for hot real estate deals.

Perhaps, you think I'm special or something. Naah! Here's another investor getting his $125,000 loan from....

(if the image is small - click on it; scroll down to see full page)

...Yep, Dwight -- a different private party who loans private money .

Want more? Here's yet another fellow investor borrowing $115,000 from.... Cliff and Peggy - a private couple who turned into private money lenders.

(If the image is small - click on it; scroll down to see full page)

In fact, it's an interesting confirmation of what I teach in my course. People must invest money - wherever they have it! In this case, pay attention, Cliff and Peggy are investing their cash through a Living Trust.

Who are Bob and Barbara, Dwight, Cliff and Peggy?

Just private folks with some money they want to invest in something earning better rate of return than CDs or safer and less volatile than stock market.

I call them private money lenders. In my Private Money Lending Course I teach how to find several of them and have them in your wings to fund YOUR real estate deals.

Are You A Land Or Commercial Properties Player?

Perhaps, you're in a different league. Perhaps, these $70,000-$150,000 loans for small residential properties don't get you too excited. Maybe you're a land developer, a strip center buyer, a car wash operator, a speculator who buys commercial property to flip, etc.

In that's the case, you may relate to a desperate e-mail like this I receive every now and then:

"Alex, I have a raw land deal where my partner and I are buying 10 acres in Phoenix,AZ for 700K. We have a buyer willing to buy from us for 1 million. We have to close with our seller on May 4th and our buyer will close with us on May 24th.

Any ideas where I can get a loan of that amount for that time frame. Our buyers are waiting for a land survey to be done. Deal is not guaranteed, but they are buying other parcels from us nearby. Land is worth at least 1million. We have back up buyers if these buyers back out.

Jack Q******

This is a real e-mail. Care to guess when it arrived? On April 24th; their closing date was May 4th, ten days later. When I get one of these I can't help but wonder. "What the heck were they thinking when they were putting this property under contract?"

They're smart enough to see the opportunity, negotiate the deal with the Seller, find Buyers.... yet ***DUMB*** not to have their loan sources lined up to finance the deal. They have $300,000 of potential profits on a line --- and no money to swing the deal. That's a sad predicament.

What about YOU? You say, you can't make your commercial deals work with $100,000? Need more money?

Well, there're unadvertised private money lenders sources that loan hard cash to investors like you too. Take a look at this $950,000 loan on a land deal.

(If the image is small - click on it; scroll down to see full page)

Desperate For Private Lenders Money To Finance A "Killer" Deal




Back to my conversation with Rick. I decided to dig a little deeper. I asked Rick why exactly he didn't think it was possible.

Turns out, he's been frantically looking for $35,000 to close on a "killer" deal. This deal was supposed to make him almost $50,000 in profit… but he had no money to buy and fix it up.

If he didn't close in 5 days he was going to lose it. He was frustrated, bitter, angry…

I tried to calm him down.

Obviously, over the phone I couldn't show him the loan documents you've just seen above to prove my point. Yet I insisted that there were plenty of individuals - private money lenders I told you about - with money. They need (and even want!) to loan them out to investors like Rick, but don't have enough good real estate projects. There were A LOT more people who didn't even know that loaning money to investors was one of their options who could become a private money lender if they knew how.

By the way, I'm of the opinion that if you don't believe good things are coming your way - it's not even worth trying because you're likely to sabotage yourself.

I felt like I was wasting my time with this guy and was getting ready to hang up… when Rick raised his voice and said something along the lines of:

"Enough of that $2,000,000 B.S. You should actually try to find private money lenders who could loan this kind of money using your own methods, just like your course purchasers would have to. I need a lender NOW. I've been looking.... If it's so easy, how come I can't find even ONE? There's absolutely no way a guy like me can find a private lender starting from scratch in 5 days."

I was thinking to myself, man, you're missing a few important pieces of information here and then you'd be able to find as many lenders as you need... That's when he finished kinda sarcastically: "Neither can YOU."

Ouch! That hit the nerve with me. Now my blood pressure was rising… Well, I finally got myself under control and politely ended the conversation.

The Challenge




I thought my advertising claims have been proven with the private money lenders testimonials from the students of my Private Money Lenders course. But here I was, challenged to prove it … by doing it.

An unexpected twist in the conversation, don't you agree?

As I was cooling off, I could still hear his "prove it to me" challenge. I knew in my gut it was doable, even under a really tight deadline.

So I thought to myself - hey, what WOULD it really take to find several private lending parties who could potentially loan me $2,000,000, just like my ad for the course suggests... in ONLY 5 days starting from scratch.

I realized I built up my private money lenders connection slowly over a period of several years, one at a time. In a way I'm spoiled because I've always have access to more private lenders than I needed money.

I never really had to look for a private lender under a tight deadline where I had to close on a deal.

I thought to myself, what if I HAD to deliver on my advertising promises under the gun?

What if, just like Rick, I had a deal that I needed to close in 5 days… and I absolutely positively HAD to find a private lender capable of loaning me the money?

How would I go about it?

Suddenly, I was fired up to get into Rick's shoes (or as close to it as I could get) and start looking for private lenders. The only advantages I'd have over Rick would be my "know how" (the stuff I teach in the course) and knowledge of my marketplace.

Rules Of Engagement



I decided to challenge myself for the "Ultimate Hunt For Private Money Lenders".

To get as close as I could to Rick's situation I set the following...

7 Rules Of Engagement

I must NOT have longer than 5 days to deliver results

I must NOT use my existing private money lenders or referrals from them

I must NOT use any methods that require significant expense (Rick couldn't afford my course, I guess he didn't have a sizable advertising budget)

I must only count private lenders with proven ability to loan to real estate investors like me and Rick

I must find enough people who combined could potentially loan me $2,000,000 over time

I must document what I did and my results

And lastly,

I must do this by using my own advice in the Private Money Course.


What Private Money Lenders?




Now, just so we're on the same page about the target I was attempting to hit…

I did NOT set out to get a $2,000,000 credit line. For a true commercial credit line for buying houses one must develop relationships with a local bank that caters to small business owners, builders, investors, etc.

When I say private money lenders I'm talking about private individuals who have their own cash to invest, say $30,000-$200,000 at a time, just like Bob and Barbara, Dwight, Cliff and Peggy above. They're a direct source of money without any middleman.

Not banks, not hard money lenders (companies), not brokers.

These private individuals will never offer a bank-like credit line to a real estate investor. They move their money in and out of various investment projects: securities, loans, businesses, real estate, etc.

They don't make long term standby commitments, like banks or hard money lenders may. To ask a person like that for money you must have a project that needs funding NOW - for them to consider it.

If they like both the project and you (I cover how to make sure of this in the course) - you'll get the money. If they don't - you'll leave empty-handed. The only thing they can tell you in advance is whether they WILL or will NOT loan on real estate.

Since at the time I did NOT have a project that needed funding - what I set out to accomplish in 5 days was - find enough private individuals who combined would have a proven ability and history of loaning this kind of money. I.e., among all of them together they already financed at least $2,000,000 to other real estate investors before, and are most likely to finance MY houses…. when I have something cooking.

In short, my job was to find the names and contact information of proven private lenders I could use in the future for my deals.

The Results




Once the rules were all set, I planted my butt in a chair in front of my PC -- on a mission to find as many private lenders as I needed.

Then I spent a couple of hours thinking about where I should be looking.

Finally, I frantically started my search….

When it was all over I found 5 private lenders with proven ability to loan $2,730,900 combined.

How long did it take me?

No, not 5 days. You may be shocked by this but… less than 1 hour!

That's right, in less than 1 hour I found not one, not two, but five private money lenders - the individuals with their names and addresses who in the past have financed $2.7+ million dollars to real estate investors over a period of 2-3 years.

The Results:
The Ultimate Private Lenders Hunt - 1 Hour

Private Lender
# of Loans
Total Loaned
Terry A*******
William H****
Dwight R******
Stephen L***
Thomas H******
All Lenders Together

By the way, you can discover their real names... keep reading.

As you see I haven't included Bob and Barbara on this list. Neither did I include Cliff and Peggy They're my own private money lenders and it was against the Rules. I only looked for NEW people I didn't know and have never done any business with.


These results are NOT average. They're achieved by people with well above average work ethics who studied the materials and applied them. The average user of this program doesn't do anything with the materials. The average result is ZERO.

In Less Than An Hour I Found 9 Local Private Lenders That Have Recently Loaned $1,654,000 To Investors...

"Hello Alex,

I just wanted to let you know that the I Spy video course is fantastic! I did my research and in less than an hour found 9 local private lenders that have recently lent out over $1,654,000.00 of private money loans to investors. That’s was not a typo! $1,654,000.00!

I sent the letters to them that you provided and in two days, one that has lent out more that $410,000.00 called me while I was at work and left a message. He stated he would love to do business with me and contact him for what ever I need! I was blown away! Totally blown away. I'm in shock!

I called him and he said he would fund 100% of any good deals I can find! I was amazed at how easy it is! The course is easy to follow, extremely affordable and well worth the money.

Knowledge is everything!

Some of us invertors are just starting out and although we would like to attend seminars and buy courses we just don’t have the funds to do so. So thanks for making the I SPY course so affordable.

I’m now going to do more research and find even more private lenders in my area!

Also I will send follow up letters to the other 8 lender that I already have found!"

- Paul Camacho, Walden, NY

I could have gone on to look for more people, but once I tallied up my numbers after about 1 hour, I lost interest in continuing my search. I was already well over my target of $2,000,000.

After all, that kind of private lenders pool could keep me going for a while. Wouldn't you agree?

I did it ALL in front of my computer, without leaving my chair, without even picking up a phone.

How To Find Private Money Lenders - The Process




How was I able to dig up 5 private money lenders with $2.7+ million dollars capacity to loan in just 1 hour?

Remember, I started this letter by talking about do or die situations.

If you have to produce under the gun you'd better achieve a state of total clarity. You must first be absolutely clear about exactly WHAT you want to do, to figure out HOW you'll go about it.

I had to work it under A LOT of limitations.

I had to use only the strategies from my course, nothing else. I cover a number of different strategies to find private lenders in my course. They all work to certain degree.

But after going through all of them I realized, if I were to try several different things, I wouldn't be able to focus long enough on any one of them to get guaranteed results in a short period of time I had.

So I had to choose just one, THE BEST ONE for the limitations I had.

I first thought about direct mail. Some of my own lenders came from me sending direct mail. After thinking about it a bit, it became pretty clear it wasn't going to become my weapon of choice. I simply didn't have enough time for direct mail, even if I were to drop some postcards in the mail TODAY. You just can't expect to get response to direct mail in under 5 days.

Then I thought of running newspaper ads. It worked pretty effectively for me in the past.
Is there a chance of getting some responses to the paper ads in 5 days? Yes. But since I needed guaranteed results in under 5 days - I couldn't take a chance on newspaper advertising either.

Private Money Lenders Who Are Sure To Loan Money




One other apparent challenge was finding private money lenders who're SURE to loan money to investors secured by real estate. There's a monumental difference between identifying people who have money and just want to invest them, and finding those who could potentially loan them to investors to buy and fix-up houses with.

It's not that hard to find people with money. I could easily get a list of tens of thousands of them. Educating them about loaning on real estate is quite possible. However, people freshly exposed to this concept may want to think it over, run it by their financial or legal advisors, etc. This would likely take longer than 5 days I had.

Well, I'll spare you the rest of my sweating over which way to attack the task at hand.

After a couple of agonizing hours, it became crystal clear to me exactly what I HAD to do under a very short deadline.

My highest chance for success in finding private lenders that are sure to loan money to real estate investors was…. are you ready?

Spying On My Competition To Find A Private Money Lender




What do I mean by this?

Well, I'm not the only player in my marketplace … and neither are YOU. There are other investors buying, fixing up and selling houses. Quite a number of them.

Every day of the month there're properties bought and sold:

REOs - Bank owned,


Pre foreclosures,

Tax lien properties,


Vacant homes,

Boarded up "junkers",

Condemned properties,

Mismanaged rentals, etc.

The investors who buy them ought to use some money to pay sellers, right?

Some of them use bank financing, credit lines, personal cash, etc. But there're some who use money from private individuals to fund their deals. After a long deliberation I realized, my surest bet was to find private parties who already loan money to other investors - my competition.

Turn Up Your PC Speakers and Use Controls To Play The Video Below
(if you don't see the video player, you must enable Active-X controls, see
yellow browser warning message at the top of your screen)

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Adobe Flash Player by downloading here.

After reading the information on this very page, the investor in the above video called me "EITHER A CRAZY LUNATIC OR A PROPHET..." Play it to find out why, and what happened to him.

These private money lenders are individuals, Joe and Mary, Yourtown, USA who NOT only have some money sitting idle but who are ALREADY LOANING THEM OUT to investors like you... They already got introduced to the power of private money lending by someone else.

They're already proven lenders. It doesn't take any time or smarts to convince these folks to loan money to me (and YOU), as long as we put the right kind of projects in front of them.

So I set out to find as many people loaning money to my competitors as I needed to fulfill the conditions of my challenge.

Once I knew exactly WHO I was after (remember, we talked about clarity before), it didn't take me but 1 hour to dig up 5 people capable of loaning all the money I could possibly use in the next couple of years.

Jaw-Dropping Revelation




In the process of completing this challenge I had a shocking revelation.

Out of all the testimonials I got from the course purchasers, I NEVER even once had a letter or e-mail that credited this particular method as one they used for getting private lenders. They employed various other strategies from my course to attract private money. But not this one.

Yet it was my weapon of choice to help me complete the ULTIMATE PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS HUNT.

Are you too wondering why it might have been the case? I certainly was.

It's funny. I teach this stuff, yet I never was forced to use it with the stopwatch. Once I did - I was completely blown away with the simplicity, lightning-fast speed, and effectiveness of this approach.

So why was it that nobody else used it?

Here's what dawned on me. In the Private Money Lenders Course Manual there's a section describing this method of finding private money lenders. I also talk about it on the Seminar Audios that purchasers get with their copy of the course…

Perhaps, when you read about it or hear about it, it's not as impressive as when you do it or see it done.

… My course owners didn't actually SEE how it's done.

They say "picture is worth 100 words" for a reason.

Given the choice, would you rather hear me talk about it, read my description of the process or watch me do it?

We both know the answer.

New Video:
"How To Spy On YOUR Competition To Find Private Money Lenders"




Well, once I realized my students are NOT using what in my view is the most powerful, simple, no labor intensive, no cost, blazing-fast strategy in the entire course I decided to make things right.

It became obvious to me - I MUST give real estate investors a chance to SEE how it's done.

I got on my computer again, repeated IN SLOW MOTION and video recorded the entire step-by-step process I used to find 5 private money lenders with $2.7+ million dollar history of loans to real estate investors in less than 1 hour… Then as I was viewing the video from start to finish I also recorded the audio narration of what I did every step of the way. I covered the process on the level of a "green" beginner.

Every mouse click, every movement of the cursor on my PC screen was captured. Every website I went to, every database I used, every window I opened, every page I flipped to on my screen, every search I executed, every document I opened--- it's ALL on the video.

You'll be watching as I am doing it on the screen and at the same time hearing me explain everything that's going on in details.

Just to be clear - it's NOT a DVD or a tape video you watch on TV. It's a CD that you plug in your PC (MS Windows only, by the way) that runs the entire video on your computer screen while you sit in your chair.

It shows you everything I did on my computer --- exactly as if you were in my office standing behind me and watching over my shoulder.

Spent My Lunch Hour On Courthouse Computer = 4 Lenders...

"Hi Alex,
Well I finished the Video and then found out my county (Kalamazoo, Michigan) is not on-line with this info. So I had to go down at lunch and walk a mile to the clerks office, past the soup Nazi's place and then ask if they had a system like you showed.

Nope they had a free antiquated system and the girl tells me that there aren't any private money lenders in it. So she shows me the basics ... by the end of lunch I got four private lender leads.

This is all from a guy who two weeks ago came down with Bell's Palsy so the right side of my face is paralyzed and I can't focus my right eye for now.

Not bad for a one hour lunch.

P.S. I can't wait for the rest of the stuff to come out to me. And yes I will have my first real list of folks to send out your letter to by then and some good looking calf muscles from all of the walking."

- Chris Keuhlen, Portage MI

You can pause it, stop it, rewind it, etc.; go with your own speed to make sure you get everything on the video.

Heck, I made my teenage kids watch it from start to finish and bring to my attention all spots they thought were unclear or went too fast. Then I slowed them down and added some more narration to cover them.

2 Hours On Computer, 3 Lenders, $1,000,000...

"After watching your Video following the same exact steps I found 3 private money lenders who over a period of last 3 months loaned over $1,000,000 to investors, combined."

- Perry Baty, Dallas TX

Click Play button to hear Perry:

It doesn't matter if you're 100% computer illiterate. I guarantee, even if you had to ask your kids to help you with PC before, whether you're 17 or 70 -- you WILL get it. ALL of it.

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How Do You Get The "Spying On Your Competition" Private Money Lenders Video?




I suspect there will be A LOT of interest to the Spying On Your Competition Private Money Lenders Video as a stand-alone product.

Here's My Dilemma...

I'm not so sure if I should offer the Video as as stand-alone product. That would probably undercut my sales of the full Private Lenders Course by quite a chunk.

I imagine some investors would decide to skip the main course, "save" the money and just go after the Video (by the way, it's silly not to get the full course; there's a lot of other valuable information in it.) But money talks. I won't know how things may develop until after I offer it.

On one hand, it's only a 35 minutes Video and it's a perfect addition to the full course... On the other hand, it contains pretty darn powerful information about finding proven private money lenders in numbers at blazing-fast speed.

Heck, I dug up 5 private lenders with $2.7 million dollar history of loans to real estate investors -- in under 1 hour without breaking a sweat. These are not even people I need, since my private money sources have me already covered. I did the whole exercise just to prove the concept.

Between you and me, I could have easily doubled my results in another few hours, both in terms of dollars and people. Imagine the possibilities if YOU spent real time with this method...

Here's what YOU shall be able to do
after watching the Private Money Lenders Video
"Spying On Your Competition"

Identify your competition -- investors who're buying real estate in volume in your marketplace

Find the websites with databases necessary to access and research information on your competitors' borrowing activities

Find out exactly how much money your competitors borrowed from their private money lenders over a period of time

Find BIG WHALES of private money lending in your area --- the most prominent private lenders, those who loaned A LOT more money than others and loaned money repeatedly. Just one person like that could become a million dollar funding resource for you. (See William H***** on my chart of results above - he's a fellow like that.)

Find a complete list of private individuals (money lenders) your competitors use to fund their deals with their names and addresses

Get a proven and effective letter to send to each private money loender to discuss how they could finance your deals....


"1 hour on computer... found $3,000,000 in private lenders money"

"Hello Alex,

 Last week I got your Private Money Video. To make a long story short, I was up until 3 a.m on the county recorder's website and I found over $3,000,000.00 in private money lend to only 4 or 5 investors in my area the last 2 years alone!!

- Steve Towns, Bedford Heights, Ohio

I'm not sure what this information could be worth to YOU. But for a desperate guy like Rick it could mean a difference between netting $50,000 profit and NOT!

I am going to suggest that you don't put yourself in this type of predicament... EVER! And with the I Spy Video I have created (used by hundreds of investors nationwide to find existing private money lenders) there is really no need to.

I know you may still have your doubts, so I'll take away all the risk from your investment in this Video by giving you a return and full refund privilege for 30 days.

Alex's Risk FREE "Maybe" Trial Offer To Assure You Can Get This Product Today And Review It In Complete Confidence

Put ALL RISK on me!

Get my "I Spy Video" today and put it for a test for One (1) FULL month from the day you buy it. If you're unhappy for ANY REASON simply contact Alex and he'll provide you with the courteous, no questions asked, no hassle FULL REFUND upon return of the product in like-new resellable condition.

Order Today & Get

Order "I SPY 1" Private Money Lenders VIDEO Today
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In Your FREE 1-hour I SPY 2 Video you'll see how Alex dug up:

  • A nationwide commercial private money lender who loaned $15 million dollars on a big project
  • A private money lender who put up $950,000 on a land deal
  • Leads on private money note deals that are likely to be purchased at a sizable discount... and more

In the I SPY 2 Video Alex also shares valuable insights on how to profit from obscure security interests people have and don't realize the value in them... and how you can acquire them for a few hundred bucks.

Special Limited Time Offer

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...and receive another valuable unadvertised Bonus - Instantly Downloadable Video on "How To Find Stealth Under Radar Bargain Properties" your competition doesn't have a clue about

Yes Alex! Count me in.

I understand that you reserve the right to END this Special promotion at any time, return my money and NOT deliver the product.

Here's How To Order

"I SPY 1: How To Spy On Your Competition
To Find Private Money Lenders Video"

To Order Online, Via Phone, FAX or Mail

Thanks for reading and all the BEST in your real estate pursuits!

Alex Gurevich
investor & publisher

P.S. I wonder how many real estate "experts" out there have subjected themselves to having to prove the validity of what they teach like this? I don't see any signs of this on hundreds and hundreds of the websites offering real estate investing information.

P.P.S. Existing course owners. If you're already an owner of the Private Lenders Course (or own a Digital Version of the same), you can find the step-by-step process I used to win the challenge in your course Manual under Professional Private Money Lenders / 6 Strategies to find them / Strategy #3: Spying on your competition.

If you'd like a CD with the Spying On Your Competition Private Money Lenders Video, e-mail me about the special existing owner's price.

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